Drawbridges, Dock Plates

The Crawford drawbridge is the best solution for open ramps and for servicing vehicles of roughly the same size. The Crawford 640 drawbridge DMW is installed in a fix position, and the Crawford 641 drawbridge DMGZ is installed in a guidance rails placed in the front edge of the ramp. The latter alternative makes it possible for the leveller to operate in different ramp positions. When not in use, the drawbridge is secured in the vertical position with a safety lock. Both versions are steel constructions equipped with a heavy-duty spring device, enabling it to be conveniently lifted and lowered by hand. Hot dip galvanising is standard to ensure corrosion resistance. The lip is a segmented aluminium alloy lip, compensating for sloping vehicle beds and facilitating smooth passages.


Technical data
Crawford 640 Drawbridge DMW
Crawford 641 Drawbridge DMGZ
Nominal length 1200, 1500, 1750, 2000 mm
Nominal width 1500, 1750, 2000 mm
Vertcal working range Rise above dock Fall below dock
175 - 310 mm 245 - 390 mm
Load capacity 6 tonnes (60 kN)
European standard EN 1398 Dock levellers

The Crawford 643 Drawbridge PG is the alternative aluminium alloy model which completes this part of the leveller's programe. It covers the needs for less load capacity and less working range, and this light version can also easily be handled by one person.

Technical data
Crawford 643

Drawbridge PG

Nominal length 600, 850, 1100 mm
Nominal width 1250, 1500 mm
Vertcal working range Rise above dock Fall below dock
80 - 160 mm
80 - 160 mm
Load capacity 4 tonnes (40 kN)
European standard EN 1398 Dock levellers


 \Mobile dock plates
The Crawford mobile dock plates are the universal solution for all loading situations. In spite of their mobility, they are capable of handling heavy loads due to the special aluminium alloy material. Mobile plates can be used as a permanent loading solution or as an additional, back up capacity in case of unforeseen ramp bottlenecks. Automatic locking arms, safety hooks and full-depth lip heels give safe dock plate contact with the vehicle.


\ Loading railway cars
For loading and unloading of railway cars, the railroad operators have issued a number of rules that must be taken into consideration. Two Crawford solutions are available: sliding or rolling dock plates. Both are made of a special, high performance aluminium alloy and meet all loading requirements and safety regulations for railway car loading.

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