Curtain shelters

The all-round solution
The standard curtain shelter is suitable for all vehicle sizes and has a flexible design. Should a vehicle deviate from the dockin centre-line and hit the shelter frame, built-in springs allow the shelter to follow the movement without being damaged. Its flexibility and high wear and tear resistance, in combination with a high price-performance ratio, contribute to the fact that the vast majority of all European loading bays are equipped with this standard dock shelter!

Self-adjusting top section for bigger vehicles
A number of vehicles, e.g. swop bodies, rise during the docking process. A standard dock shelter cannot cope with this situation. Therefore, a curtain shelter with adjustable top section has been developed by Crawford. This model automatically adapts to different vehicle heights and vertical movements.

"Exclusive" models for special applications
Sometimes, a ramp edge extension prevents accurate tightness, if a standard curtain dock shelter is installed. A special Crawford design has been made to cope with such a situation. An inside, parallel retraction system distributes the pressure from the vehicle in such a way that optimal tightness is obtained. The same system is used in a "Road Model" for applications where no load ramp is available and the shelter must be extended to ground level.

For building aesthetics: built-in shelters
Sometimes, architects and operators require a nice looking, smooth building façade. In order to meet such demands, dock shelters can be installed in building extensions or directly into the building façade.High quality inside structure ensures long lifetime

Neither curtain sheet material thickness nor surface treatment has any major influence on shelter lifetime in a harsh loading environment. Instead, the material structure is of importance. Ability to adjust to vehicle contours and resist wear and tear rests with the way the sheet material is built up. All Crawford curtain shelters are made in double-layered polyester with high longitudinal and transverse tensile strength.

Useful options
- Rain channel
The unique rain channel is integrated in the middle of the roof part.
Controlled water drainage. The water is led out left and right, not into loading area.
- Splitted top curtain
4 slits with double overlapping layer of PVC curtain material in the main wear area. Flexible coverage of rear top corners of docked vehicle for best sealing. Less draught into the building.
- Reinforced rupper flap
Robust rubber flap placed left and right in lower corners behind the front curtain. Increased pressure on the docked vehicle body for best sealing. Improved stability for the complete dock shelter in windy area.
Less draught into the building.
- Corner seals
Triangle cushion covered with PVC curtain material in lower corners of the dock shelter. Minimization of draught from below during loading and unloading.

Technical data  
Nominal width 3250, 3450 mm
Nominal heigth 3200, 3400, 3600 mm
Top curtain length 1000, 1200 mm
Side curtain width 600, 700 mm
Nominal depth 600, 900 mm
3 mm black PVC curtain
double layer with coating
on both sides
Longitudinal strength
Transverse strength

approx. 3400 g/m²
approx. 7000 N/5cm
approx. 5000 N/5cm

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