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Door efficiency
The efficiency of an industrial door is mainly measured in terms of passage, energy and life cycle costs. Minimum passage times and maximum energy savings in combination with a controlled door speed give the optimal solution when it comes to door operating cost. Crawford service offers a number of upgrading alternatives to optimize door operating costs.

From manual to electrical operation
By adding an electrical motor the door will always be opened and closed with the same speed. This reduces wear and tear and therefore increases the lifetime of the door. There are many operation alternatives, standard is a push button box. When electrical components are installed, Crawford takes care of the CE-marking.

From push button box to remote control
If the operation of the door is moved away from the door opening and opening and closing signals can be given at distance door efficiency is increased. Crawford supply several automation alternatives, i.e. pull cord, remote control, magnetic loop, photo cells, and radar operation. Another option is to add automatic closing after the vehicle has passed (by photo cells).

Other upgradings
Crawford can offer a number of upgrading packages such as window sections, security grills, special safety locks, pedestrian pass doors, various warning light combinations and ventilators.

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