High Speed Doors

High-speed doors are intended for industries with an intense traffic flow. Crawford offers an extensive selection of high-speed doors designed for a wide range of applications outside, inside as well as special solutions.

Customer needs in focus
Many customers have a need for high efficiency in production and distribution. Intensive material flows require short door passage times and thereby fast, safe and reliable doors. The Crawford high-speed doors are designed to meet these demands. Some applications, like the food processing industry, have special needs consequently a special high speed door model is available.

Short passage times
The Crawford high-speed doors have an opening speed up to 2.5 m/s, which ensures:
- Short passage time
- High work efficiency
- Energy savings

The high opening speed also minimizes the risk of collisions with the door.

Safe operation
A high safety level when using the door is vital and Crawford does not compromise on safety. For personnel safety, all high speed doors have a built in sensor in the bottom seal. At the slightest contact with an obstacle the door stops and reverses. All Crawford high-speed doors comply with the demands in the European harmonized standards and are CE marked.

Can Take a Hit
Even high-speed doors are occasionally hit by vehicles. Normally, this would cause downtime and repairs. However, all Crawford high-speed doors are equipped with a break-away system and the Crawford 855 high-speed door even with a self-repairing system. This means that after an impact by a vehicle, the doors can always by reset, manually or automatically, in a few minutes. This ensures a smooth run and secures an efficient traffic flow.

High Reliability
The Crawford high-speed doors are directly driven by an operator. The construction is simple, robust and reliable. In the event of a power failure, all high-speed doors can be opened manually. Quality all the way Crawford high speed doors are produced in manufacturing units certified in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Service and Repair
All doors require regular maintenance regardless of application, simply to obtain optimal functionality at all times and to reduce the number of unnecessary repairs. Crawford's service organization takes care of urgent problems in an efficient way with a minimum of delay to the customer.

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